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Additive gender describes gender presentations in which signals from more than one gender are combined to produce a cumulative display featuring all genders represented. Some prefer it over the similarly-defined term, positive androgyny, because androgyny is often defined as the absence of gender. The concept of additive gender presupposes the independence of specific genders from one another, decoupling a person's masculinity from their femininity, for instance. This is sharply contrasted with hegemonic views of gender wherein masculinity is described as inherently unfeminine and vice versa.

Additive gender is attractive to genderqueer people, encouraging discovery and acceptance of one's desired gender presentations, regardless of the constraints of one's physical body.


The term additive gender was coined by Emma Gross and publicized when Meitar Moscovitz described it as "the idea that by amplifying signals from one gender, you don’t necessarily negate the existence of others" on the genderbending website Genderfork.[1]

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