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America's Sexuality Day (also referred to as "SexDayUSA") is an initiative that in 2010 officially proclaimed [1] March 3 an annual national day of awareness and promotion for the essential importance of sexuality and its knowledge to individuals, society, and democracy, as a whole, in the United States of America. It purposely uses the March 3 anniversary of The Comstock Act, America's 1873 landmark Congressional censorship legislation against sexual free speech in the arts, education and lifestyle.

Goals, motives, and methods[]

The movement [2] encourages participation and dialogue of all sexual beliefs in America, so that sexual diversity and issues of sexuality can be better understood. SexDayUSA explores various methods to engage the public. The Strange Bedfellow Coalition asks people to invite someone of other sexual beliefs to respectful dialogue and The Comstockery!* (It's JustSex) Hero Awards, welcomes the public to nominate and vote for their sexual heroes in the arts, education, policy and lifestyle. The campaign encourages all media and advocacy groups to utilize the date for their own formats and benefit.

The March 3 effort also includes a governmental lobbying campaign that is separate, but parallel to the America's Sexuality Day awareness and celebrations. Recognizing that libertarians, conservatives, and others who support SexDayUSA's outreach might not agree with a governmnetal lobbying policy on their behalf, plans for the Congressional Resolution Petition for Sex (Edit the Sex Text), and other public lobbying efforts will be promoted under a separate 501(c)4.[3]

Founder Crystal Haidl has been gathering support for the idea from sexuality organizations and anti-censorship advocacy groups since April 2008, and on public sites like Facebook[4] and Twitter.[5] since May 2009.

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