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The Asexuality symbol depicts a triangle in which the vertical axis represents the spectrum of "sexualness," or desire for sex. Asexuals see themselves as occupying the black portion. The triangle is based on the Kinsey Scale, on which asexuality was sometimes depicted as an 'X' that was off of the 0-6 line.

Asexuality is a term used to refer to people who don't experience sexual attraction. There is debate over whether or not it can be called a sexual orientation when the people aren't oriented towards anyone.

Asexuals and Romance[]

Although this can seem counterintuitive to some people, many asexuals can feel romantic/amorous attraction despite not feeling sexual attraction as well. Some people have described the difference between sexual and romantic attraction in this basic equation: Romantic Partner (sexual & romantic attraction) - Lust (sexual attraction) = Romantic Attraction.

Asexuals and Sex-Positivity[]

Many asexuals are sex-positive, even if they don't want to have sex themselves. Asexuals often don't see taboos about sex the same way as many sexuals do because it often isn't as personal. Although it is possible for asexuals to internalize taboos and prejudice from sexual society, often they don't see any kind of sexual activities or desires as better or worse than any other kind because they have equal interest in both- none at all.

One of the benefits of the sex-positive movement to asexuals is the emphasis on consent and personal freedom. With the sex-negative view of society, sex is often seen as an obligation rather than something to be enjoyed, and it's very easy for asexuals to find themselves in bad relationships having sex they don't want.

Asexuals can be sex-negative, though this is usually a result of anti-asexual sentiments. Many asexuals are made to feel invalid or broken by sexuals due to their lack of interest in sex, and some end up resenting sex and sexuality for this reason. Increasing asexual visibility and acceptance will most likely result in a decline of sex-negative feelings among asexuals.

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