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Neutrois is a word taken to mean "non-gendered class." It refers to a gender identity which is also called null-gendered on occasion. Very little is written about this gender identity, but it is growing in recognition. Because of this, some Neutrois individuals turn to the larger androgynous or genderqueer social variations.

Patients who are neutrois or null-gendered may be either male or female by sex. Many suffer from gender dysphoria very much like that of a transsexual. Dysphoria of this type can lead to depression and even suicide, which is why transsexuals are permitted to undergo gender reassignment surgery under the standards of care for gender identity disorders.

Doctors such as Dr. James Bellringer, a UK urologist, have taken steps to achieve medical care for neutrois patients, following multiple assessments of the patients by psychologists who determined that, in at least one case, removal of testicles was warranted in order to achieve the needs of "patients who wish to be asexual." Dr. Bellringer refers to these patients as being an intermediate gender and says that psychologists are beginning to recognise the existence of this group. [1]

A possible diagnosis that may be associated with treatment of neutrois individuals is Gender Identity Disorder-Not otherwise specified from the DSM-IV. The preoccupation with self-castration or mutilation of the genitals is sometimes referred to as Skoptic syndrome, but this syndrome refers to attention paid only the genitals and primarily in males, while neutrois may have significant dysphoria due to the presence of secondary sex characteristics such as breasts, body hair, lowered vocal pitch and rounded hips.

However, a more positive result can be formed in Neutrois individuals. As not all Neutrois have depression of suicidal tendancies by the time they come to identify themselves as such. Many find the act of 'becoming' Neutrois is an act of liberation: that social identification as Neutrois satisfies their need while they actively seek to become physically Neutrois to the extent they feel they need to.

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