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Pornography is any media that represents eroticized depictions of sexual encounters.

Concerns of objectification[]

One of the common concerns about pornography is that it encourages the objectification of women.

Pro-porn advocacy[]

While anti-porn advocates claim that pornography leads only to the objectification of women, pro-porn advocates often take a more nuanced view. Pornographic material, just like all kinds of material such as the Bible, can be interpreted in a number of ways. There is little evidence to definitively link the consumption of pornographic content to destructive or violent behavior. In fact, in many cases, fear-based restrictions of pornography lead to the very dangers of sex-negativity that anti-porn advocates claim to be resolving.

Use as a communication tool[]

Pornography can also be used as an effective communication aid between partners. For many people, it can be difficult to discuss sexual fantasy in a conversational and informative way. As an alternative, many people use pornography to start conversations about what they desire and why.

Additionally, simply knowing what one sexually desires is not always obvious for many people. In many cases, pornography offers an opportunity to introspectively examine one's own desires in a physically zero-risk environment, providing valuable insight.

Educational pornography[]

Educational porn are "porn movies that teach you how to give your partner maximum pleasure."[1] Although the majority of typical pornography does a very poor job of it, the potential for pornographic material to provide educational examples of healthy sexual behavior and safer sex practices is well-known.

Some efforts have been made to create specifically educational, sex-positive pornography, notably by Carol Queen, Annie Sprinkle, and sexual freedom advocates.