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KinkForAll Boston: "Creating A Sex-Positive Student Group"
Welcome to the Sex Positive Resources Wiki

Sex Positive Resources Wiki is a collaborative website about media, news stories, and other resources that promote positive ideals of sexuality in education, culture, and society, that you can edit!

Mission: What is "Sex Positive" anyways?

These are big concepts, with a lot of questions to work out...

but, basically, its being positive about sexuality in general, being non-judgemental and non-oppressive, and generally just all having a good time.

obviously, we can see why Consent Culture is sooooo important to work out if we are all going to share a Sex-Positive world ;~)

we can do it though, and the web can help us all to work out our definitions and thoughts together, yay internet!

cheers & much aloha

Where to start?

Sex-Positivity as a social movement is a composite of a global diversity of people & communities with individual perspectives and preferences around human sexuality. The essentials of sex positive culture involve respect and pursuit of personal & community wellness & active social change supporting cultures of safe and consensual sexuality.

A contemporary definition of sex positive from is “an approach towards authentic sexuality regarding, as fundamentally good, the cultivation of wellbeing through personal choices of consensual sexual expression”

Resource Sites on the Web

  3. The Pervocracy (a blog featuring "Sex. Feminism. BDSM. And some very, very naughty words.")
  4. PassionateProduce ~ a radically inclusive, sex-positive crowdfunding community.

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